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These testers knew they needed to make a change. Some had tried medication for their high blood pressure, and some were on the brink of hypertension. They all decided that right then was the best time to lower their high or moderately high blood pressure and try to lower or eliminate their use of medication to control it. These are some of their incredible, real stories and remarkable results:

"This plan has shown me that by changing what I eat and being consistent with exercise, I can keep my blood pressure down in a way that really helps my health."

— Penny Boos, 55

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Tom Colbaugh "The improvements have been amazing." — Tom Colbaugh, 59

Blood pressure improvement: His systolic blood pressure fell 30 points, and his diastolic blood pressure fell 17 points in 4 weeks. And he lost 14½ pounds in 6 weeks!

On the Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally plan, Tom's blood pressure fell from a dangerously high 193/82 to 163/65 in just 4 weeks. The dramatic improvement vastly reduced his risk for heart attack or stroke, but his numbers were still high. Not for long, though. Tom continued following the plan. Four weeks later, he'd lost a total of 20 pounds and brought his blood pressure down to a definitely healthy level of 127/57. Working with his doctor, he's reduced his blood pressure and blood sugar medications, too. Read Tom's full story on page 26.*

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"I kept losing weight, and my blood pressure kept going down." — Anita Hirsch, 75

Blood pressure improvement: Her systolic blood pressure dropped 29 points, and her diastolic blood pressure fell 9 points. And she lost 10½ pounds in 6 weeks!

At the start of the plan, Anita's blood pressure was 145/80 — high enough to be considered hypertensive, even with medication. She was taking blood pressure medications and worrying about higher doses and the side effects. At the end of the 6-week plan, her BP reading was 116/71, an optimal level that significantly reduces her risk for heart attack or stroke. A 10-point drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number) or a 5-point drop in diastolic pressure (the bottom number) lowers heart attack risk by 22 percent and stroke risk by a whopping 41 percent. Since Anita's numbers dropped more than twice as far, she's slashed her risk even more.

The plan's flexibility came in handy when Anita's husband was hospitalized for a week. "I was spending a lot of time visiting him," she says. "So I used a lot of the convenience food options with a salad or greens on the side. The frozen meals were a big help. I kept losing weight, and my blood pressure kept going down." Read Anita's full story on page 250. Anita is a former employee of Rodale Inc. Participation on the panel was voluntary, and no panelist was compensated for their time.*

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